Myrddin: Releases

Myrddin 0.1: "The Sobbing Never Ends"

Myrddin that has started to resemble usefulness. It's full of sharp edges, bugs, and gaps. However, there's evidence that with time and work, it may eventually become pleasant to use. With luck, one may be able to use it with only healthy amounts of self loathing.

Myrddin 0.1 ships with an amd64 compiler, a build system, and several useful libraries.

This is not a stable release. All parts of the language are subject to change, breakage, and updates.


For this release, we have plenty of new documentation. A new new tutorial has been put together for beginners, and the language spec is far more complete, and contains significantly fewer blatant lies.

In addition, our library documentation has been fixed and updated, and largely documents the libraries as they are now.

Packages and Installation

Myrddin 0.1 has been packaged for several supported systems. It is also easy to install from source.

Getting it from Git

Myrddin is a constantly changing language. It is probably a good idea to install it from git. To install Myrddin from source:

git clone git://
cd mc
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

Debian and Ubuntu

A PPA repository has been set up.

commands to install PPAs go here.

You can also download and install the .deb files directly:

link to deb and dpkg here.


There is a brew tap for OSX. You can install it using:

commands to set up Brew tap here:


There is a port makefile in support/FreeBSD. You can install it using:

commands to set up Brew tap


There is an official port for OpenBSD. You can install Myrddin 0.1 using:

pkg_add myrddin

Future Releases

Myrddin is going to have releases every 6 months. Whatever features are ready by then will be shipped,