Myrddin: Contributing

Contact Info

The Myrddin hackers hang out in #myrddin on Most design discussion happens there. You can join using your favorite client, or online via kiwi IRC

We also have the myrddin-dev mailing list on, which is largely used for announcements and design summaries.

Submitting Code

The canonical code repository is on, but is mirrored on GitHub. We will accept patches on the mailing lists, GitHub pull requests, or snail mail (Please inquire in IRC for the address).

Proposing Libraries for Inclusion

If you've written a library for Myrddin, and you feel like it can be merged with the current standard library, or it is generally useful enough to be shipped along with the compiler, feel free to contact us.

Overall, Myrddin's plan is to ship with a wide variety of "batteries included" libraries, and we'd love to have your code be a part of that.

Updating the site

This website is maintained using markdown, and is stored in git. We accept pull requests for it, and treat it like a wiki.

git clone git://

Should you wish to generate the HTML locally, the site is generated using USSM, and compiled with a mildly customized Markdown compiler, which knows how to generate runnable code snippets. This markdown compiler is available here.