Myrddin: Environment Setup

Installing the Binaries

To get the source, for the compiler, standard library, and myrbuild, you download it from git:

$ git clone git://
$ cd mc

  # Set the prefix to anything you want, but
  # make sure that $prefix/bin is in $PATH
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr

  # On BSD, use gmake
$ make
$ sudo make install

Plan 9 is also supported:

% hg clone
% cd mc
% mk
% mk install

On some systems, you can also install Myrddin through your package system.

Useful Supporting Tools

There are a number of useful utilities for working with Myrddin that are not shipped with the above.

vim myr support

The mc repository comes with indent and syntax scripts for vim. These scripts are fairly sparse, but they serve me well. To get them, you can take

And put it into your vim path.

I also suggest setting the indentation and shift widths for Myrddin files with an autocommand. To do that, add the text below to your .vimrc:

" Indent .myr files with tabs
autocmd FileType myr
            \ setlocal noet |
            \ setlocal sw=8


Universal ctags supports Myrddin out of the box.


There are some rudimentary leak checking tools. Mleakdump is shipped with Myrddin, and is able to interpret the trace files that std.startalloctrace("path") creates. The output is a bit obtuse, as it isn't symbolized, but it's easy to convert the addresses into function names using gdb.


There are some support files shipped for the Plan 9 debugger. To get stack traces on Plan 9, use:

acid -l mc/support/acid/myr your-binary