Myrddin: Environment Setup

Installing the Binaries

To get the source, for the compiler, standard library, and myrbuild, you download it from git:

    git clone git://

There are currently no released versions, and the language is in a heavy state of flux. I promise that if you use it, and I break some of your code, I will help port it to whatever the new sexiness is.

There are also a number of useful libraries:

    git clone git://
    git clone git://
    git clone git://

These are downloaded and installed in the same manner.

Useful Supporting Tools

There are a number of useful utilities for working with Myrddin that are not shipped with the above.

vim myr support

I have written indent and syntax scripts for vim. These scripts are fairly sparse, but they serve me well. To get them, you can grab

They are also available separately as

I also suggest setting the indentation and shift widths for Myrddin files with an autocommand. To do that, add the text below to your .vimrc:

" Indent .myr files with tabs
autocmd FileType myr
            \ setlocal noet |
            \ setlocal sw=8


I have added rudimentary Myrddin support to exuberant-ctags, which is available here:


This will generate ctags for all file types that exuberant ctags supports, as well as Myrddin. It is not quite smart enough to handle parsing Myrddin files too well, so it will pick up text within comments, for example, or variables declared within functions. Still, having an index of symbols is useful for source navigation.