Myrddin: 0.2

Myrddin 0.2.2

This release solves build issues when using llvm linker (lld). It fixes alignment so that the linker will accept the assembly that we generate.

Myrddin 0.2.1

This is a point release. It should have no user-visible changes on existing platforms, but it brings in full OpenBSD 6.3 support. This consists of two major things:

- Generating the system call tables for sys+openbsd:6.3-x64.myr. Not
  too much changed (mostly pledge stuff, as far as I can tell), but
  it's worth doing.

- Adding support for MAP_STACK mmap flags in libthread. For the sake
  of security, OpenBSD is starting to require that the stack pointer
  point to memory that is mapped with MAP_STACK.

Myrddin 0.2: "9 out of 10 cats agree"

Myrddin 0.2 has been released. This release was focused on filing off the sharp edges shipped with the previous release. But not to worry, there are still plenty of stabby bits left for the masochists.

9 out of 10 cats

Major highlights since 0.1

$ git diff --stat r0.1.1..HEAD | tail -n 1
265 files changed, 26195 insertions(+), 7080 deletions(-)
$ git log --pretty=oneline r0.1.1..HEAD | wc -l

Breaking Changes

New External Libraries and Programs

Yep, there's code thats not part of the main Myrddin distribution.


"Fine, it's a good language. Now will you get out of the bathroom and let me shit in peace?" -- Charles Babbage

"Make Programming Great Again" -- Barack Obama

"I think it's gluten free" -- Anonymous

"Back Off! Those are MY dentures!" -- Mom

Thanks to the contributors

In no particular order:

Packages and Installation

Myrddin 0.2 is being packaged for supported systems. Some of them may be behind, as packagers finish putting together updated packages.

It is also easy to install from source.

From Git

Myrddin is a young language. There are regular fixes to the language and libraries. Therefore, it's probably a good idea to install it from Git. To install Myrddin from source:

$ git clone git://
$ cd mc
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
# On BSD, use gmake
$ make
$ sudo make install

From Tarballs

Tarballs of this release are also available


There is a brew tap for OSX. If you have Homebrew installed, here is how you can use it to install Myrddin:

$ brew install oridb/myrddin/myrddin


The port for Myrddin is in the FreeBSD ports tree. You can install it using:

# pkg install myrddin


The port for Myrddin is in the OpenBSD ports tree. You can install it using:

# pkg_add myrddin

Plan 9 (9front)

Because Mercurial is the version control mechanism for Plan 9, there is a mirror of the repository on Bitbucket. To install it:

% hg clone
% cd mc
% mk
% mk install

Supported Platforms

The 0.2 release comes with an amd64 compiler. The supported platforms are Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Plan9. There is partial support for NetBSD.